Why do CNC punch press

Like the early CNC turret punch without automatic programming software, can only be programmed directly on the CNC system, and now the basic CNC turret punch press with automatic programming software, work efficiency and the processing capacity of complex parts are better than ever before Leap-style upgrade. On the holdings of the United States there are more than 20,000 Taiwan CNC punch, Japan has nearly 20,000. China in recent years the development of relatively fast, conservative estimates of about 6,000 units on the sheet metal industry development situation, there should be A lot of room for development.But now in the sheet metal industry, the staff of various types of CNC punch performance and structure is sometimes not very understanding, here I would like to briefly introduce all kinds of CNC turret punch. According to the working principle of the driver to hit the head punch machine for Dished Head, CNC turret punch can be divided into three categories: First, the mechanical drive CNC turret punch This is the earliest development of CNC turret punch press a class of machine tools, there are still some manufacturers in the production and use. Representative of Murata Machinery (MURATEC) C series, AMADA AMIES ARIES series, PEGA series, COMA series . This type of CNC turret punch is driven by a main motor flywheel rotation, the inertia of the flywheel for stamping, the clutch control by punching. Advantages of this type of machine tool is simple structure, low price, stable performance. However, the shortcomings of this type of machine tools is also obvious. First of all, the mechanical CNC turret punching machine must wait for a round turn, before a stamping, stamping stroke is fixed, so the stamping speed can not be increased, the current maximum of 180 beats / min. This is now many manufacturers are no longer producing such a number of major reasons for the red (AMADA discontinued this year ARIES, has long been discontinued in Japan). Second, because the stroke can not control the head, forming stamping difficult to control.

Like this kind of machine tool must pass through the adjustment several dies the mold to be able to achieve the ideal molding, the adjustment difficulty is bigger. In addition, this type of machine there is a large power consumption, punching noise and other shortcomings. Second, the hydraulic drive CNC turret punch With the development of technology, the emergence of the hydraulic CNC turret punch. Pneumatic press due to its many advantages, has been widely used. Typical examples of such machine tools are Murata’s V series structural fabrication, AMADA’s VIPROS series, and TRUMPF’s TC series. This type of machine tool through the hydraulic cylinder to hit the head, the electro-hydraulic servo valve for stamping control. So the stamping speed has been on the leap-style upgrade. Up to 1000 times / min or more. Second, since the hydraulic cylinder stroke can be controlled, it is possible to adjust the molding die by controlling the stroke of the striking head, and it is convenient to use. In the work to control the head to press the mold angle punch machine, you can reduce the stamping noise. In addition, through communication with manufacturers, can be rolling, rolling and other mold processing (mechanical not.) Due to the above advantages, so the hydraulic punch has been widely used. However, this type of machine also has a variety of shortcomings, first of all, this type of machine on the environmental requirements are higher, too high or too low temperature will affect the normal work of the machine. If the temperature is too low (<5 degrees), the need for preheating before work. Second, the power consumption, all kinds of CNC turret punch inside the largest power consumption. Generally more than 30KV. In addition, the annual replacement of hydraulic oil, covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčlarge and so are his disadvantages.

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