Punch Machine 40 tons are widely used in electronics

Punch Machine 40T is widely used in metal stamping parts for electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, transportation equipment, presses, (cars, motorcycles, bicycles). High rigidity, high precision rack to plate welding, heat treatment, and lifting of the fuselage Tc stress to enable stable configuration of the stable shape of the job. Uniform load of structural parts, steel balance. The key components of the preparation, crankshaft, gear shaft and other parts difficult to grind in the grinding process heat treatment has a high wear resistance, long-term stable performance to ensure high accuracy and stability requirements.

Reliable performance, simple operation, stable operation, in the right position because of the difference between the brakes of Yu Gangqiang, the clutch brake through the components with high sensitivity, coupled with foreign high-end equipment, common double electromagnetic valve and load equipment maintenance to ensure Accuracy and punching blocks for high-speed sports and John Safety.

Before the start of the car should check whether the main emergency tightening screw loosening 1. Punch, dead without crack, control mechanism, punch automatic stop device, clutch, brake is usually smooth, no thorns or oil preparation.

2. Punch may be necessary for empty practice. According to the exposed drive part, must be installed full coverage, shield or experimental conditions under the shield.

3 easy to install Punch die must move the bottom dead center of the slider, the height must be accurate, although the anti-bias load; punch mold must be a solid experience, and pressure test.

Careful work focused on 4, no hand and tools and other items into the emergency zone. Small Operations that must be performed using special tools (tweezers or feed mechanisms). The fixture of the blank, only provides a tool to get rid of.

5 Punch found abnormal or abnormal sound, (such as batter, pop sound) should stop feeding, check the cause. Such as system changes, loose part of the operating device failure, mold loosening and repair of defects should be stopped.

6 When you finish a work piece, hand or foot must be separated from the button or foot pedal, pay attention to misoperation.

7 more than two operations, should take the initiative, pay attention to harmony and unity. Before work should fall on the mold, disconnect the power and remove.

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