Precision punch press commonly used instructions

1.Precision punch operation / Beer bit operation for the stamping operation, and the key to this bit when the green light will be on; This key in the use of punching process which is also used more 2. Stamping operations There are two operation keys, the operation must be both hands at the same time pressing, the machinery will be stamping operations. 3. Precise punch Press the emergency stop button in red for emergency shutdown. This key is to prevent us in the operation of the operation occurred in the accident, but also to prevent some unnecessary trouble.

So under the circumstances set up this key, under normal circumstances do not use, because the use of more punch on the life of a certain negative effect. 4. Precision Punch Miske Punch Indicator When we turn on the power when the red light is lit, that the power has been turned on, can be normal operations; when we appear when the green power indicator light, that mechanical Normal, is already in the Job state. This time we can carry out the normal operation of the operation CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine. 5. Precision Punch Power Switch Power switch is the product of the master switch steel structural drilling machine, when the power switch is turned on the red light will be on. Then the red will gradually turn into green, then we should be operating operations.

6. PRECISION PUSH MOTOR SWITCH The motor turns on when the switch is turned on, so that the rear action can be continued and the red indicator light will turn on. So the novice in operation, please remember to let the equipment operation sheet metal machinery, do not forget the motor switch control Oh.

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