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CNC punch press why the initial use of more failures

CNC punch press why the initial use of more failures From the mechanical point of view, although the CNC punch after the pilot production run-in, but because of the processing surface of the parts there are micro and macro geometric shape deviation in the complete running before the surface is still rough, parts in the assembly still exists in the shape Bit error in the initial use of CNC punching machine may cause greater wear and tear busbar punch, so that the relative movement of CNC punch between the parts have too much space. In addition, due to the new concrete foundation of the internal stress has not yet balanced and stable, but also to produce some precision machine tool deviation cnc machine for sale.

From the electrical point of view, CNC machine tool control system and the implementation of components using a large number of electronic power devices, these components and devices in the factory although rigorous screening and the whole machine and other treatment steel cutting machine, but in actual operation, due to alternating load and circuit Instantaneous inrush current and back-electromotive force of the impact, so that some components can not afford the initial impact, due to current or voltage breakdown and failure, resulting in the entire equipment failure.

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Enhance their own technology – China’s punch industry’s core task

Enhance their own technology – China’s punch industry’s core task Since 2009 drilling sheet metal, China has become the world’s largest manufacturer of punch for three years, but it is also the world’s largest importer of punch. Can be found, this big but not strong situation into the stage of the breakthrough. China’s punch industry has done the world’s largest, but the core task is to become strong.

The country is in an important period of economic transformation and upgrading of the market demand for significant changes have taken place as a basis for national economic construction industry, punch tool industry, from strong to strong historical mission is to promote its core mission is to upgrade the high-end CNC punch press Of the market competitiveness. Application of technology development and promotion, reflecting the level of CNC punch manufacturing important technical indicators, a number of key technologies to obtain a major breakthrough CNC punching machines, narrowing the gap with the world’s advanced level. The achievement of these achievements, to block some of the equipment imports, lower prices of imported equipment has played a crucial role punch machine for Dished Head.

Cost – effective, excellent quality of the precision punch

Cost – effective, excellent quality of the precision punch – co – forging Precision punching machine, precision punching machine, precision punching press, precision punching machine, precision punching machine, precision punching machine, precision punching machine, precision punching machine, precision punching machine, precision punching machine, Kinds of mass production of metal sheet metal processing punching, forming, extension. Such as transport vehicles, watches and clocks, home appliances, stationery, hand tools, hardware, computers and other products processing. At the same time, the installation of automatic feeder, engaged in automatic transfer of the entire production line processing CNC beam steel drilling machine. And the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, according to the different requirements of the manufacturers drilling machine process, special design, manufacture all kinds of punch: precision presses metal sheet punching machine, pneumatic presses, forging presses and a series of presses. We not only provide customers with cost-effective products, but also provide first-class after-sales service!

How to choose stamping mechanical grease Reasonable Selection of Grease for Precision Press

How to choose stamping mechanical grease Reasonable Selection of Grease for Precision Press In this case, The choice of grease, the main friction should consider the conditions (load bus bar bender, speed, temperature), work status (continuous operation, intermittent operation, with or without vibration and shock, etc.) and work environment (humidity, air temperature steel plate punching machine, air pollution ). In this case, (1) the use of grease should be at least lower than its dropping point 20 to 30 degrees In this case, In the use of high temperature, the choice should be good oxidation resistance, evaporation loss and a small drop of high fat; in the use of low temperature Drilling Machine for H beam, the precision punch should choose a low starting torque, similar to the small viscosity of the fat, such as oil as the base oil . In this case, (2) the selected grease should be lubricated friction with the use of speed to adapt In this case, In the high speed, the precision punch to use low viscosity base oil made of large cone penetration of grease; for low-speed grease, should be selected to high viscosity base oil made of high penetration grade grease. In this case, (3) the selected grease should be compatible with the size of the load. Heavy-duty, should choose the base oil viscosity, thickening agent content of high grease. When the load of the precision press is particularly large, it should be noted that the grease with the extreme pressure additive or filler (molybdenum disulfide and graphite) should be selected. In the case of medium and low load, the grease with the short and medium viscosity base oil . In this case, (4) selected grease should be used with the environmental conditions to adapt In the air humid or in contact with water environment, should be used, such as calcium, lithium, lithium and other composite water resistance of good fat; dust for a long time, should choose a thicker hard (ie, higher brand) of fat, so sealing Preferably, impurities are prevented from being incorporated into the friction pairs. In a strong chemical medium environment, should be used such as fluorocarbon grease such as chemical resistant synthetic lubricants.

Why do CNC punch press

Like the early CNC turret punch without automatic programming software, can only be programmed directly on the CNC system, and now the basic CNC turret punch press with automatic programming software, work efficiency and the processing capacity of complex parts are better than ever before Leap-style upgrade. On the holdings of the United States there are more than 20,000 Taiwan CNC punch, Japan has nearly 20,000. China in recent years the development of relatively fast, conservative estimates of about 6,000 units on the sheet metal industry development situation, there should be A lot of room for development.But now in the sheet metal industry, the staff of various types of CNC punch performance and structure is sometimes not very understanding, here I would like to briefly introduce all kinds of CNC turret punch. According to the working principle of the driver to hit the head punch machine for Dished Head, CNC turret punch can be divided into three categories: First, the mechanical drive CNC turret punch This is the earliest development of CNC turret punch press a class of machine tools, there are still some manufacturers in the production and use. Representative of Murata Machinery (MURATEC) C series, AMADA AMIES ARIES series, PEGA series, COMA series . This type of CNC turret punch is driven by a main motor flywheel rotation, the inertia of the flywheel for stamping, the clutch control by punching. Advantages of this type of machine tool is simple structure, low price, stable performance. However, the shortcomings of this type of machine tools is also obvious. First of all, the mechanical CNC turret punching machine must wait for a round turn, before a stamping, stamping stroke is fixed, so the stamping speed can not be increased, the current maximum of 180 beats / min. This is now many manufacturers are no longer producing such a number of major reasons for the red (AMADA discontinued this year ARIES, has long been discontinued in Japan). Second, because the stroke can not control the head, forming stamping difficult to control.

Like this kind of machine tool must pass through the adjustment several dies the mold to be able to achieve the ideal molding, the adjustment difficulty is bigger. In addition, this type of machine there is a large power consumption, punching noise and other shortcomings. Second, the hydraulic drive CNC turret punch With the development of technology, the emergence of the hydraulic CNC turret punch. Pneumatic press due to its many advantages, has been widely used. Typical examples of such machine tools are Murata’s V series structural fabrication, AMADA’s VIPROS series, and TRUMPF’s TC series. This type of machine tool through the hydraulic cylinder to hit the head, the electro-hydraulic servo valve for stamping control. So the stamping speed has been on the leap-style upgrade. Up to 1000 times / min or more. Second, since the hydraulic cylinder stroke can be controlled, it is possible to adjust the molding die by controlling the stroke of the striking head, and it is convenient to use. In the work to control the head to press the mold angle punch machine, you can reduce the stamping noise. In addition, through communication with manufacturers, can be rolling, rolling and other mold processing (mechanical not.) Due to the above advantages, so the hydraulic punch has been widely used. However, this type of machine also has a variety of shortcomings, first of all, this type of machine on the environmental requirements are higher, too high or too low temperature will affect the normal work of the machine. If the temperature is too low (<5 degrees), the need for preheating before work. Second, the power consumption, all kinds of CNC turret punch inside the largest power consumption. Generally more than 30KV. In addition, the annual replacement of hydraulic oil, covers an area of ​​large and so are his disadvantages.

Superposition Structure of Guide Plate and Side Pin of Compression Die for Automobile Punching Die

Superposition Structure of Guide Plate and Side Pin of Compression Die for Automobile Punching Die The utility model relates to a superposition structure of a guide plate and a side pin of a press core of an automobile punching die. A guide core, a guide pin and a side pin. The press core is connected with a guide plate, and the pressing core is slidingly connected with an upper die holder through a guide plate cnc drilling machine.


The guide plate is provided with a hole or a groove, Is fixedly arranged on the guide plate through the hole or the groove. The advantages of the utility model are as follows: 1, the punching machine ignores the condition of the workpiece itself, and ensures the placing of the guide plate under the prerequisite of placing the guide plate, while the side pin is placed; 2, the mold maintenance becomes convenient and feasible; Eliminating the safety hazard caused by the use of the safety bolt for the large-sized mold; 4 plate Drilling Machine, facilitating the processing of the mold and ensuring the strength; 5, the utility model has simple structure and easy processing busbar punching machine.

Precision presses know how much to balance the cylinder

Precision Punch Balancing cylinder is a medium-sized large-scale precision punch an important component in the production of precision punching punching its buffer protection. But the current general-purpose precision punch in the actual use, often found to balance the cylinder rod or rod connected with the balance rod hanging phenomenon, mainly due to the cylinder rod and lug once installed fixed, the action of the trajectory is also The accuracy of the movement of the slider is reduced and the trajectory of the movement of the slider is changed, resulting in the balance of the movement of the cylinder rod and the connection of the cylinder rod with the balance cylinder angle steel machine,  And the movement of the lifting lug and the slider is interfered.

Therefore, the result of the breakage is caused, and the cushioning protection function of the balancing cylinder is lost due to the breakage of the balance cylinder rod or the lifting lug, which is liable to cause the safety accident of the press adjustable stand. To fundamentally solve this problem, Wedeman designed a new precision balance for the punch cylinder structure, the entire cylinder structure by the balance lever, on the spherical washers, lifting ears, under the spherical washers, spring washers, nuts, slider , Balance cylinder composition. Precision Punch New Balanced Cylinder Balancing between the cylinder rod and the slider using a floating compensation connection method.

That is, in the upper and lower surface of the lifting ear balance cylinder rod connecting the orifice of the parts were made concave spherical surface and placed in the spherical washer, and then balance the cylinder rod from the lifting of the upper and lower spherical washers, hanging ears through the installation hole , And finally with spring washers, nuts fixed. Precision Punch The new balanced cylinder has a small floating compensation function, so it can effectively overcome the balance between the cylinder rod and the slider due to the installation accuracy, accuracy caused by the decline in the balance of the cylinder rod and lug breakage defects, but also Reduce the cylinder rod, hanging ear parts installation accuracy requirements bevelling machine, and truly meet the needs of modern processing and production.

Precision punch press commonly used instructions

1.Precision punch operation / Beer bit operation for the stamping operation, and the key to this bit when the green light will be on; This key in the use of punching process which is also used more 2. Stamping operations There are two operation keys, the operation must be both hands at the same time pressing, the machinery will be stamping operations. 3. Precise punch Press the emergency stop button in red for emergency shutdown. This key is to prevent us in the operation of the operation occurred in the accident, but also to prevent some unnecessary trouble.

So under the circumstances set up this key, under normal circumstances do not use, because the use of more punch on the life of a certain negative effect. 4. Precision Punch Miske Punch Indicator When we turn on the power when the red light is lit, that the power has been turned on, can be normal operations; when we appear when the green power indicator light, that mechanical Normal, is already in the Job state. This time we can carry out the normal operation of the operation CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine. 5. Precision Punch Power Switch Power switch is the product of the master switch steel structural drilling machine, when the power switch is turned on the red light will be on. Then the red will gradually turn into green, then we should be operating operations.

6. PRECISION PUSH MOTOR SWITCH The motor turns on when the switch is turned on, so that the rear action can be continued and the red indicator light will turn on. So the novice in operation, please remember to let the equipment operation sheet metal machinery, do not forget the motor switch control Oh.