Enhance their own technology – China’s punch industry’s core task

Enhance their own technology – China’s punch industry’s core task Since 2009 drilling sheet metal, China has become the world’s largest manufacturer of punch for three years, but it is also the world’s largest importer of punch. Can be found, this big but not strong situation into the stage of the breakthrough. China’s punch industry has done the world’s largest, but the core task is to become strong.

The country is in an important period of economic transformation and upgrading of the market demand for significant changes have taken place as a basis for national economic construction industry, punch tool industry, from strong to strong historical mission is to promote its core mission is to upgrade the high-end CNC punch press Of the market competitiveness. Application of technology development and promotion, reflecting the level of CNC punch manufacturing important technical indicators, a number of key technologies to obtain a major breakthrough CNC punching machines, narrowing the gap with the world’s advanced level. The achievement of these achievements, to block some of the equipment imports, lower prices of imported equipment has played a crucial role punch machine for Dished Head.

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