Encounter punch circuit fault how to do

In the case of industrial press products, stamping failure can also have sufficient time, the following statement thrust from the inspection of a part of them:

Punching failure can prevent the search, punch punch adjustment circuit failure part of the site will lead to red failure can not be adjusted, all manual automatic failure, including this line, such as the limit switch damage reasons. If the die can not be locked both manual and automatic machines are not.

Punch machine all the movements are not, check whether the lock protection lock failure, or lock the oil pressure is not enough, and the upper and lower limits, the general press with a pressure switch to see if there is action.

Adjustable punch, automatic without manual, which includes failure and mold protection, dual solenoid valve protection, angle control. In none of the cases, you can not adjust the angle control switch. If you do not understand this is a big switch control principle, as long as you pull, you may make life regret.

There are manual is not automatic, failure is generally only appear in the mold protection, angle control and security protection.

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