Development of Computer Aided Hydraulic Manifold Block Design

In the hydraulic system design, manifold is the system of the various functional blocks of the channel or pipeline connected to the motherboard; it is not only the hydraulic schematic diagram in the three-dimensional valve block connection mapping, and according to the functional valve block installation conditions and integration Block design process is an expansion of the manifold design is a known function of the valve body,  metal punching machine bottom-up assembly design; design not only consider the functional block in a manifold surface of the installation layout, and the need for channel The spatial layout inside the manifold blocks not only takes into account the coupling efficiency of the channels, but also the quality of the channels and the processing conditions. Therefore, the design of manifold is a complicated design task in hydraulic system design, which has certain space and challenges.

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Hydraulic manifold block itself determines the characteristics of the motherboard is a data from the system to support and designers need to design the complex design work. An optimized design is often repeated after repeated design to achieve, the designer needs to design the information and design the specific busbar bending machine requirements of the objective conditions of manufacture. Good and bad design is often used in the valve block material size, design and manufacturing costs, the channel pressure loss and the realization of the manufacturing there is a big difference. This requires designers to use the tools must be on the design, modification, editing and re-design has a strong ability to support.
The development of computer aided design technology for the hydraulic integrated block design tools to create the basis for continuous change. Computer-aided design technology is the essence of people and machine organic combination, give full play to the advantages of the computer drilling machine, and to the user the most intuitive design interface, the most convenient design tools and the most efficient design methods. For the design of hydraulic manifold block, it needs a design data support, the need for appropriate calculation, the need to carry out in three-dimensional space and give designers intuitive geometric feedback, through repeated amendments and large amounts of data for fast, Accurate inspection, which makes the computer-aided design that ComputerAidedDesignDesign technology into a hydraulic integrated block design tools of the important needs. Of course, there are some studies in this area are concerned about the automatic or part of the automatic optimization of design methods. These studies, however, expect AD, or Automatic Design, to deviate from the fundamental points of computer-aided design. At present there is no practical application can be achieved, but a study can be explored.
The application of computer aided design technology in the design of hydraulic manifold block, its main development track is as follows:
Based on the two-dimensional wireframe design software;
Dimensional wireframe technology or two-dimensional graphics as the design interface, combined with three-dimensional graphics display design software;
Directly in the three-dimensional design environment design software.
In the first stage, the design environment is a two-dimensional wireframe drawing environment, the valve block diagram and the design of the wireframe is composed of graphics. Software can be the body of the projection graphics graphics library made to facilitate the designer to call. The use of two-dimensional wireframe graphics for the design of integrated block designers have strong requirements, including the imagination of space graphics; whether the valve body interference, hole spacing, etc. must rely on human inspection. Design of graphics is composed of lines and arcs, there is no physical characteristics of the concept and meaning; in the design efficiency and methods of traditional manual drawing on the way compared to no substantial improvement. This stage of the design software is actually limited by the computer graphics technology, computer and computer-aided design technology development level, from the current look at the practical application has been rare.
The second stage of software development is to increase cnc drilling machine for flange the design of the three-dimensional block diagram of the display and browse. Designed on the view of the manifold surface or defined by the body layout on the face and connected to the valve channel by way of the engineering view. Different from the three-dimensional graphical environment shows the manifold connection hole and the process hole, so that designers can visually navigate in the design process three-dimensional view of the manifold. As the design and interaction is through the two-dimensional plane, technically still confined to the traditional two-dimensional design approach. Designers in the three-dimensional model view is only browsing operation, the need for two-dimensional and three-dimensional switch between. So this kind of application platform in the design efficiency, design environment, basically no substantial improvement.
The latest generation of design is entirely in the three-dimensional computer-aided design environment, the more representative is the MDTools manifold design software. It makes full use of the computer-aided 3D modeling and human-computer interaction design environment, combined with the expertise of valve block design. Design, modification, observation and other series of work is directly on the three-dimensional model of the integrated block, the design of the tree is in accordance with the integrated block on each side, surface installation of the valve body, hole, process hole Such as the definition of the formation of object-oriented operational services and data, better embodies the hydraulic integrated block design expertise.

punching drilling machineIts advantages are reflected in:
1. Based on the commonly used three-dimensional design software, users have a unified familiar with the use of the environment;
2. Design, browse, modify directly in the manifold 3D model, no two-dimensional three-dimensional switching operation;
3. Design check based on three-dimensional solid model, with accurate and convenient features;
4. Design the structure of the tree in accordance with manifold surface, valves, holes to define, easy to operate and modify;
5. Not only design operation, but also design inspection and process inspection are based on 3D model, so the model information is the most complete.
6. Engineering drawings and processing plans are based on three-dimensional model projection obtained and associated with the three-dimensional model parameters, rather than the traditional two-dimensional view to drive three-dimensional graphics browsing model;
Manifold block model composed of three-dimensional cavity induction welding feature can directly generate the code of manifold NC machining by the machinable feature recognition technology, and reach the level of non-graph processing.
8. In the valve body model library support, to facilitate the realization of manifold assembly of the automatic assembly model.
All in all, the application of computer-aided hydraulic manifold design software is designed to help designers improve design efficiency, reduce design complexity, avoid design errors, and ultimately reduce design and manufacturing costs. In the design of the hydraulic system, computer-aided schematic design is generally adopted, and the integration from the schematic to the integrated block design and the integrated block NC machining are realized with the support of the unified valve symbol and model database. The emphasis is only on the technical evolution of computer-aided design of hydraulic manifolds.

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