CNC punch press why the initial use of more failures

CNC punch press why the initial use of more failures From the mechanical point of view, although the CNC punch after the pilot production run-in, but because of the processing surface of the parts there are micro and macro geometric shape deviation in the complete running before the surface is still rough, parts in the assembly still exists in the shape Bit error in the initial use of CNC punching machine may cause greater wear and tear busbar punch, so that the relative movement of CNC punch between the parts have too much space. In addition, due to the new concrete foundation of the internal stress has not yet balanced and stable, but also to produce some precision machine tool deviation cnc machine for sale.

From the electrical point of view, CNC machine tool control system and the implementation of components using a large number of electronic power devices, these components and devices in the factory although rigorous screening and the whole machine and other treatment steel cutting machine, but in actual operation, due to alternating load and circuit Instantaneous inrush current and back-electromotive force of the impact, so that some components can not afford the initial impact, due to current or voltage breakdown and failure, resulting in the entire equipment failure.

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