Cause of Pneumatic Failure of NC Press

Cause of Pneumatic Failure of NC Press Pneumatic equipment is an important part of the CNC punch, pneumatic system operation is through the pressure, flow, liquid flow direction to achieve, because the pneumatic equipment easy to obtain gas source, and simple structure hole punching machine, gas source pollution to the environment, High frequency action, so in the NC punch on the universal use, generally used to complete the auxiliary work of frequent start.

Pneumatic failure caused by three main reasons: First, pneumatic equipment design is not reasonable or not complete; Second, the installation operation is incorrect CNC movable drilling machine, resulting in components, parts are not functioning properly; Third, use, maintenance, imperfect maintenance. Design of the fault must be fully analyzed after the conversion, improvement, the latter two kinds of failures can be used to repair induction heating machine, adjust and improve the routine maintenance and inspection to solve.

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