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Encounter punch circuit fault how to do

In the case of industrial press products, stamping failure can also have sufficient time, the following statement thrust from the inspection of a part of them:

Punching failure can prevent the search, punch punch adjustment circuit failure part of the site will lead to red failure can not be adjusted, all manual automatic failure, including this line, such as the limit switch damage reasons. If the die can not be locked both manual and automatic machines are not.

Punch machine all the movements are not, check whether the lock protection lock failure, or lock the oil pressure is not enough, and the upper and lower limits, the general press with a pressure switch to see if there is action.

Adjustable punch, automatic without manual, which includes failure and mold protection, dual solenoid valve protection, angle control. In none of the cases, you can not adjust the angle control switch. If you do not understand this is a big switch control principle, as long as you pull, you may make life regret.

There are manual is not automatic, failure is generally only appear in the mold protection, angle control and security protection.

Resulting in the punch between the factors of what error

Punching process punch stamping parts are necessary to save the error, which depends on what the identity of the error? Underneath we will know about along the way:

1, the size and uniformity of the interval: drawing, curling, flanging extreme he sheet metal forming parts usually have to cut out the first blank stiff open blanks, but also after forming blanking, cut to win a single finished pieces. Therefore, punching homework, containing commonly used punching, thin words, trimming, etc., for each sheet metal stamping parts are required. So the punching punch punch clearance size of the accuracy of the outer surface of the decisive effect of the dip. Blanking gap is small and average, can press the punch press size get back to a higher precision. For drawing, bending and other forming die, the gap will be set to increase the size of the mouth of the punch error and rebound. Gap will not be satisfied with the pieces of burrs will increase and lead to uneven wear edge.

2, stamping construction of the elastic deformation: in the stamping process, after punching will reveal a certain amount of elastic deformation. It is true that the amount of deformation in accordance with the size of the punching force changes and has obvious biased, but the stampings, mainly on the nature of the volume stamping embossing, leveling, embossing, wave, punching, Shape, flanging, upsetting, flattening, deep drawing and other deep-throat punch punching punching process of forming parts, the stamping dimensions of its dimensional accuracy has a strong impact.

3, the quality of punching varieties, structure, size and material thickness: blanking gap size and its average punching Henan punching the size of the precision of a decisive impact. Die do not punching process, different types of materials and ranging from thick material, the gap between access disparity, punch press punching precision varies widely. When the gap is C = 0,5% t (unilateral), the composite punching die is made of composite fine-punching punch with a thickness of 2mm with a modulus of m = 0,34 and a hole with H62 brass material. , Punching pieces of the size of precision to IT7 level, straight pieces without arches, punching straightness of up to 89,5 °, the rough surface Ra value of 0,2 μ m; and the usual compound punching system, the gap C = 5 % T (unilateral), punch the initial error of the die that is the initial punching accuracy of 1T9 grade roughness Ra Ra value of 12,5μm, burr height of 0,10mm; is still the punch with the joint model punch System, the initial punch accuracy for the IT11 level, punching more rough. Usually punch factory conditions, the punch material and thickness t is the main basis for selection of blanking clearance. Once open punch selected gap to determine the plane size of the fixed error of the main body; Stamping structure and three-dimensional shape of the rigidity of its shape and position accuracy.
Different punch specifications of the structure is not the same, so the combination of stamping thickness and construction accuracy of the differences, fixed pieces of the error is also different.

CNC punch processing

Single punch single punch: single punch, including linear distribution, circular distribution, circular distribution, punching, punching.

2) in the same direction of the continuous punching: the overlapping part of the rectangular mold processing, Machinable long hole, trimming and so on.

3) multi-directional continuous punching: the processing of large holes.

4) With a smaller one-step continuous punching arc machining using a circular die.

5) monomer forming: According to the shape of the mold shallow drawing process.

6 continuous forming: the formation of a larger size than the size of the mold processing, such as large-size blinds, rollers, rolling and so on.

7) forming a plurality of plates on the same or Henan punch different workpiece processing method array.