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punching machine Caution

Before punch
(1) Check the lubrication of the various parts, electrical and lubrication adequately lubricated
(2) Check whether the correct installation and reliable mold;
Within range (3) Check the air pressure is at a predetermined
(4) Check the switch button is sensitive and reliable, make sure to post the flywheel and the clutch is disengaged, the motor can be opened;
CNC turret punch press (5) press a few times to make air travel, check the brake, clutch and steering parts work
(6) Check the main motor whether the abnormal heat, abnormal vibration, abnormal sound, etc.
(7) with a manual pump slider added lithium ester oils
(8) Check and adjust the feeder nip to process requirements
(9) Check and maintain oil lubricator meet the requirements
(10) the motor start, check whether the direction of rotation of the rotating flywheel flag.
(1) should be regularly manually lubricating oil pump lubricant to lubrication points nip
(2) When press performance is not familiar with, not allowed to adjust the press
(3) the absolute prohibition of two layers of sheet metal punching simultaneously
(4) discovery is not working properly should immediately stop work, and timely inspection.
After work
(1) flywheel and the clutch disengaged, cutting off power to release remaining air
(2) to wipe clean the presses, bench top coat anti-rust oil
Make a record after (3) each operation or maintenance.

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